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What makes Tarkett® designers special? It’s our passion for collaboration and innovation to bring you the very best in flooring designs in colors that work for you and your home. Beyond just the product, we put ourselves in your place and think about experiences that you’ll have shopping for flooring. We love using iSelect® color families to coordinate floors across Fiber Floor, Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank as well as Laminate categories. Like everything that we do, we hope to help you make beautiful rooms that enhance the joy in your life.




Mark Danner

A heritage of craftspeople and builders have given Mark a solid foundation in furnishing products, where he has created and contributed to a variety of collections through broad experience in print, color and dimensional design. While he feels research of material and an understanding of market and process can be influential, it is inspiration in the cydes of nature and contemporary global expressionist trends that offer compelling vision for new interior solutions.


Stephanie Baker

Having grown up in the furniture business, Stephanie Baker developed her eye for home décor, great design and trend spotting at an early age. Whether it be while designing floors, photography direction or producing visual content, as flooring designer at Tarkett, she strives to create trend forward yet classic imagery and designs.


Andjelka Tica

Exploring and sourcing the best materials for products is always the most interesting part in her many creative journeys. She loves traveling and searching for materials all over the globe. On this recent trip to Montenegro, she was exploring this World Heritage site seeking inspiration in ancient stones, pottery and fragments of forgotten lore. Her background in photography, graphic design and fine arts acts as a filter for her creative visions. She loves textiles and any material with layers that she can deconstruct and manipulate to make something new.


Marc Lemieux

For over three decades, Marc Lemieux has exercised his unique skills in design, color mixing and printing to run a truly world class lab. When he is not running the lab and working with manufacturing to translate samples into beautiful, durable flooring for the home, he’s out hiking the mountains and woodlands of Canada followed by a glass of really nice wine around the campfire


Etienne Tarte

Etienne Tarte uses a blend of art and science every day to bring designs to life. As color separation specialist, he works closely with the designers to create unique flooring layouts. His craftsmanship is evident in his in attention to detail. Precision analyst and artist, he revels in challenge.


Traci Kloos

With a background in architecture and interior design, Traci has 17 years experience in the residential design field. Her passion is connecting the trends from other industries, as well as ethnographic and demographic data, back to the home interiors category. Knowing current trends and anticipating future trends is important in creating unique product and color stories that are relevant now and will continue to be for many years to come.